The African Caucus

The following representatives and their organizations comprised the African Caucus during the establishment of the ANWS during the 2nd World Conference of Women Shelters in February 2012 in Washington DC:

  1. NettyMusanhu, Director, MUSASA, Zimbabwe
  2. Maria Munir Yusuf, Executive Directress, Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSaD), Ethiopia
  3. LuzetteNdongoZingaAnkeuh, Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Family, Cameron
  4. Grace Mbugua, Organizational Director, Women’s Empowerment Link, Kenya
  5. Lucinda Evans, Director, PhilisaAbafaziBethu, Women and Children Program, Cape Town-South Africa
  6. FrancessAlghali, Executive Secretary, Human Rights Commission, Sierra Leone
  7. Cecilia Manuel M.tembe, Founder, Flist Shelter, Mozambique
  8. Beverly Goll-Yekeson, President, Liberia Crisis Center, Liberia
  9. Dr Mrs Ify Ofong, National Coordinator, Women in Development and Environment, Nigeria.
  10. Justine MasikaBihamba, Synergie des Femmes pour les Victimes des Violence Sexuelles
  11. Mary Balikungeri, Director of Rwanda Women Network
  12. Annette Mukiga, Program Officer, Rwanda Women Network
  13. Ivan Kontje, Rural Institute for Education Training (RIET)
  14. Annie Rashid Mulumba, Congolese Female Lawyers Association
  15. Sarah Wright
  16. ElibethNehring, Tahirin Justice Center
  17. Eleanor Lyon, Nat’l Center on DV, Trauma & MH
  18. MtanozehweShozi, DVAP
  19. Edith W. Murogo, Center for Domestic Training and Development (CDTD)
  20. FelogeneAnumo, Women in Law & Development in Africa (K)
  21. Suzanne Smart, Regina Transition House
  22. Susan Blampied, Grad student at Brandeis University
  23. Louisa Mack, On Line Worker Canada
  24. Noreen Cotton, Executive Director, Emergency Women’s Shelter – Alberta, Canada
  25. Sumayya Coleman, Af Am/Black Women’s Cultural Alliance United States
  26. YalemTeshome, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  27. Laura Sweenay, Iowa State University
  28. LoratoMoalusi-Sakufiwa, Kagisano Society Women’s Shelter Project
  29. KumbiraiKahiya, Girl Child Network, Zimbabwe
  30. Kim ThuuSeelinger, Human Rights Center, University of California
  31. Nakasagga Rosemary, The Women Support Initiative (TWOSI)
  32. AbiAjibolade, The Redwood
  33. NhlanhlaMokwena, POWA
  34. SyrnovSkorge, SawtjieBantman Center for Women and Children
  35. Joy Lange, St. Anne’s Homes
  36. Lee Rossaw, L’Abrie de Dieu Safe House
  37. RosanaSchaack, Touching Humanity In need of Kindness (THINK)
  38. TennehSeah-Johnson, Sexual Gender Based Violence Crimes Unit
  39. EstielaHacuko, Ministry of Women, Mozambique
  40. Shaista de Araujo, UN Women – Mozambique
  41. Jude Ohanele, Development Dynamics
  42. Hon. AdakuIhuoma, AdakuIhuoma Foundation
  43. AchiaCamal,
  44. Trudy Mhlongo, DVAP (Domestic Violence Assistance Program)
  45. NothileMganyana, DVAP
  46. Jane Ellison, Anna Marie’s Alliance
  47. JuhanaOkoh, University of Port Harcourt
  48. Mercy Ajienka, Women Organization
  49. Veronica Rose Theron, Ministry of Gender Equality Namibia
  50. TshapakaM.tsha-Kapolo, Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN)
  51. Reinette Cronje, Namibian Police
  52. Jane Frances Mufua, Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy
  53. Bertine N. Vaita, Masilahi International Foundation Trust


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