Ending violence against women and girls in Africa

African Network of Women Shelters (ANWS) – Working towards an Africa where women and girls are free from all forms of violence.

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At least 1 in every 3 women worldwide have been subjected to violence in their lifetime. Source: UN Women


Violence against women and girls (VAWG) in Africa is a major obstacle to their attaining equality, development and peace, and prevents women from enjoying their human rights and fundamental freedoms and a life of dignity, free from oppression. Many women want to escape the violence and find refuge and safety because their homes or communities are unsafe. They seek safety and peace by going to safe spaces, such as shelters, refuges, women’s centres, or transition homes, to seek peace and safety.

The African Network of Women Shelters (ANWS) aims to ensure availability of women’s centres and safe spaces across Africa, as well as raise awareness about women’s rights and their right to be free from violence.

ANWS is an affiliate of the Global Network of Women Shelters (GNWS).

Focus Areas


The ANWS is committed to broadening the scope and reach of women’s shelters and centres, transitional houses, refuges, and other safe places.


ANWS promotes networking opportunities for women’s shelters and centres working to end violence against women.

African Conferences

We hold conferences in Africa against VAWG.


We have helplines and centers where women and children who have experiences VAWG can reach out to us.


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